Home Security Tips:

Here are some property security tips and advice from CSN Services. 

well lit house at night

1) Keeping Your Property Well Lit

You want good lighting outside the house for the same reasons as you do inside, this is to deter any potential burglars. Did you know that a well-lit up property can even make catching burglars a lot easier. If you install security lighting onto your property when someone walks close enough to your property the lighting will detect that person.

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2) Having Your Bell Box At A Good Height

Did you know that the most vulnerable part of a burglar alarm system is the bell box? Your bell box should be at a good height on your property. This is important because this will help stop any potential burglars from trying to tamper with your alarm system. If you are conserned about the location of your bell box on your property then give us a call on, 0191 414 0406.

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3) Cancel Regular Deliveries When You're Away

We recommend that if you are going away for a long period of time, you should cancel any deliveries to your property. The main reason we advise this is because if a potential burglar sees parcels or newspapers on your doorstep for a long period of time, it's easier to tell that you're away.

cctv camera and cctv app

4) Keep An Eye On Your Property From Anywhere

Surveillance camera technology has improved dramatically over recent years. You can now have an app that allows you to view your property from anywhere in the world. You can do this by adding the HomeControl+ to your system and then you can view live HD video streams of your property.


5) Avoid Having ValuablesIn Plain Sight of Windows

We advise for you to avoid putting your expensive items close to your windows. You can use curtains and blinds, so it is difficult to see in. You don’t want potential burglars window shopping while walking past your property.