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Blaydon Water Mill • CSN Services

Path Head Water Mill


Project Brief:
Design, donate and install CCTV system for this historical site.  As the Mill is close to wilderness a complete system is needed ensure all exposed areas are covered.

Work Completed

To adequately cover the area CCTV cameras were installed around the property at locations that cover the most vulnerable spots. These cameras must be placed high enough that they can not be accessed by potential vandal.

Blaydon Water Mill

Rural oasis in a suburban setting. 2 minutes out of Blaydon but you could be 100 miles. Free admission for everyone, whether you want to relax, have a picnic or even join in some of the activities there is something for everyone.

"Couldn’t have gone better”

"The engineers were courteous, polite, professional. Kept us informed all the way through the installation and then the handover itself they spent plenty of time going through the documentation. Couldn’t have gone better”
Simon Smith
Chair Of Trustees

Art Days

Vintage Tractor Weekends

  • Craft Fairs and Demonstrations
  • Willow Weaving Demonstrations
  • Heritage Open Days
  • Folk Music Events
  • Halloween Evenings

Started in 1730 The Path head water mill Is an incredible historical site that has been home to the Cowen family.

Since becoming derelict in 1970 this site has been refurbished with the help of volunteers and dedicated staff.

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