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Control your door access the easy way

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Why do people choose door access?

You can find out some of the main reasons our clients choose to use door acces systems below

Door Access integration


Integrating with existing systems

Our access control systems can integrate with your existing security systems.

Access control no keys

No More Keys

Removing the need for keys

 Having an access control system means you no longer have to deal with employees saying that they have lost their keys!

group of workers

Setting Time

Allowing different groups access at different times

 This system can be great for many facilities as you can control which areas your staff and clients have access to.

Access Control lockdown

Lock Down Areas

Emergency situations can happen at healthcare facilities, and sometimes, you need to have emergency lock downs. Access control systems can make emergency situations much easier to handle. 

Door access easier

Allowing Access

Track and control your property door access. You can determine who has access to your various rooms with access control.

Door Access Hospital


With these systems, you can keep track of who is entering and leaving your buildings. The system allows you to know the exact time of day employees entered and left the buildings.

door access systems

Door Access Technology

Track, monitor and control door access. You can now determine who has access to the rooms in your property. With the built in camera, you can even visibly see who is at your door entering codes. You can do all this and much more with access control.

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What are the benefits?

– Minimal training required for administrators and staff members.

– No unexpected costs, software can be installed on as many workstations as required.

– Reliable, high-quality systems and comes with a 5-year warranty.

door access pads
Intercom door access

Door Intercom Systems

Door Intercom Systems not only improve your property security, but they can also be used in offices to communicate effectively between floors and allow you to know the identity of the person(s) who want access.

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