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Prudhoe Pocket Park.

Smart, energy efficient systems to make your home work for you.

The aim.

The rise of internet shopping combined with lockdown has had a great impact on our high streets. We used to call Prudhoe our home and we know how important the front street is to the community.


We were made aware that volunteers around the community were offering their services to create a beauty spot for locals to sit and enjoy their surroundings. We loved the idea and  couldn’t think of a more deserving community so we decided to donate a Loxone smart lighting system.


What was done.

Using a Loxone server and spotlights we designed and installed this feature to highlight the beauty of the park whilst also making it stand out as a a unique space for passers-by to enjoy.

The smart lighting is connected to a timer to give the park a dynamic edge, with multiple colours being cycled through.

Dynamic Smart Lighting

Energy efficient LED Spotlights. 

Programmed to always be putting on a show.

Community reaction.

Complete Gallery

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Source : Loxone

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